School Rules

Discipline problems are handled in the first instance by the class teacher. If the discipline becomes a persistent problem or is of serious nature the Principal will contact the child/children’s parents

A code of discipline is printed in booklet form for all the parents and children.

20 Day Absence Rule
As per Department of Education regulations the school is obliged to report absence of 20 days or over to the Department.

School Uniform

  • Pinafore normally worn until end of 2nd class
  • Kilt normally worn from 3rd class
  • White shirt
  • Navy cardigan/jumper
  • Tights/socks – navy, green or white
  • Runners are not permitted to be worn with the Pinafore/Kilt

PE Uniform

Navy School Tracksuit with school crest & White Airtex-Runners

Tearaways tracksuit bottoms are strictly not permitted.

The School & PE uniform are purchased through the school. Parents will be sent an order form during the month of June. The school secretary can order the uniform items throughout the year.

Watch & stud earrings can be worn.

All other jewellery is not permitted.

Nail Varnish
Nail varnish is strictly not permitted.

Children’s hair should be tied back at all times. Only fabric hair accessories and simple slides may be worn.

Bandanas are strictly not permitted.

Head Lice - Children’s hair must be checked regularly for head lice. In the event of an outbreak parents will be notified.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones are not permitted in school. If a parent wishes a child to have a mobile phone on a particular day the child must bring a note stating that she has the mobile phone in her bag for use on that day outside school hours and not on school premises.

Heelies are strictly not permitted in the school.

A note explaining absences should be given to the teacher when the pupil returns. Parents can use slips in the children’s journal from 1st class.

Appointments during school time
For safety reasons children must be collected from the school - not at the end of the lane. Parents should call to the office before proceeding to a classroom once class has begun.

There is a healthy lunch policy in the school. Treats are only permitted on Fridays.

Parents are asked to exclude Nuts, Kiwis from lunches for the safety of children with allergies. Please inform the office if your child has a specific allergy.

Road Safety
Children are encouraged to cross the road with the School Warden.

Parents are not permitted to drive up the lane outside the school during school hours.

It is imperative that cars do not block driveways of residents in nearby estates as the school is in constant receipt of complaints from the local residents.

Birthday Invitations
The school encourages parents to distribute Birthday invitations in private and outside of school. This is to avoid unnecessary upset to many children.

Pupils receive homework Monday to Thursday inclusive. Sometimes a teacher may give no homework as a special treat. This will be done at the teacher’s discretion. A rough guide as to the amount of time which should be spent on homework can be found in the pupil’s journal from 1st class. Junior & Senior Infants will be given reading books to read at home throughout the year.