Loreto Grange Road Camogie Match

 Loreto Grange Road Camogie Match

Camogie & Gaelic Football
Camogie & Gaelic Football training starts in 1st class and alternates between the classes. In 5th & 6th class, those who play in the Camogie and Football League have after school training.

Hockey training starts in 1st class.  First class have hockey training every alternate week (each class will get 5 weeks)3rd to 6th class have hockey training every week for (each class will get 10 weeks)No child will be allowed to play without gum shiels and shinguards.  This is a safety issue and will be stictly adhered to at all times.   Equipment details are issued in September of each year.

Basketball training will be given as part of the normal PE programme from 3rd class.

All classes have a PE class each week.

Movement to Music
Junior & Senior Infants do not take part in any team sports. They have a Movement to Music class each week.

In 5th and 6th class those who wish can take part in the Weetabix Gymastics awards.

Annual Sports Day
June for the whole school

Sports Facilities
In September 2008 the school reopened with our newly refurbised field and resurfaced basketball court.  These facilities have enabled the school to deliver a broader range of sports activities for the children.