Green School

Most young people care deeply about environmental issues, and wish to make a positive change to the environment around them.  The Green School Programme provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness in the entire school and aims to make it an intrinsic part of the life and the ethos of the school.

Part of our Green School Programme in Loreto Grange Road, is to make the children responsible for taking care of their environmenti.e. classroom,yard and field.In doing this, the Green School Committee have an anti-litter action plan which incorporates reducing, re-using and re-cycling waste.

In order to minimise waste in the school we would encourage the children to:

  • Use a lunchbox with a lid. Try to avoid cling film and aluminium foil. Re-use plastic bottles for drinks. Bring home any waste from their lunches.
  • Use re-useable bags. Say “No” to plastic bags.
  • Use both sides of a sheet of paper and put used paper into shredding bin.

Our Green Schools Committee meets once a week to work on green issues in our school.Our current aim is to continue to reduce the amount of waste going into our bins and to reduce our photocopying volume.

Presently, the committee are working on a Green School Awareness Week beginning on 22nd October.During this week we will be giving tips to the staff and students on how to help us to reach our current targets.On 25th October, we will have our beginning of year whole-school clean-up.On this day each class will have a special job to do and we will have our school shining!On 26th October, we will have our “Spooky Day at School” which will create environmental awareness. Each class will host their own fashion show and the costumes will reflect the recycling and litter prevention theme.