General Information

These will be closed during school hours. To gain access use the buzzer. If Children are returning after hours to the school premises to collect a forgotten coat or item they must call to school office before they proceed back to their classroom. If parents are collecting children outside of normal school times: please call to the office before proceeding to classroom especially if you get in the gate without ringing. Often a parent going out lets another parent into the school and the office will not know who is wandering around. This is for the safety of all the children.

Bell time
The bell for start of school rings at 9.05a.m. All children should be in attendance before the bell.

Classroom Opening Times
Classrooms are opened at 8.50a.m by the teacher on yard duty. Classroom access is not permitted before 8.50a.m.

There are 2 yards in the school. Junior yard houses junior to 1st classes. Senior yard houses 2nd to 6th classes. Teachers operate a rota re yard duty

School Book Lists
The book list for each class is distributed to pupils at the end of June.

The School Supply Shop in Rathfarnham Shopping Centre is also provided with a copy of booklists by the school.

The school purchases books for Junior Infants. Parents pay directly to the school.

Parent/Teacher Meetings
PT meetings are held from Junior Infants onwards. Meetings start at the end of November and are scheduled by the Class Teacher.

Standardised Testing 

The school administers standardised tests at the end of each year from Senior Infants.

The school offers a Personal Accident Insurance Policy operated by Allianz Insurance Plc. In September of each year forms are distributed to parents. The cost is approximately €9.00

School Outings/Treats
There are outings/treats during the school year for the children and parents will be asked to sign a consent form to permit their child to go on any outing.

Charitable Work
Christmas Hamper Collection Each Year
In December of each year pupils are asked to bring in a food item for the Christmas hamper. The items are then packaged and delivered to needy families by Sr Maria.

Trocaire Boxes: are distributed on behalf of the dioceses to the children. There has always been a very generous contribution from the school.

Missions Box - Children helping Children: The 6th class distribute the boxes daily.

Raffles & Sponsored Events: are held throughout the year to support the Loreto Missions.

Stamps can be brought in for recycling.

General Class Information

Junior Infants
Hours from second week in September - 9.05a.m - 13.45p.m (9.05a.m - 12.15p.m for the settling-in period)

Collection - Parents collect from the classroom for the whole year.

Senior Infants
Hours from September - 9.05a.m - 13.45p.m

Collection - From the classroom, the teacher allows the children to go out in a group to meet their parent/ minder/ guardian in the area directly outside the classroom. The teacher will stay with the children until they are all collected.

1st Class
Day - 9.05a.m - 14.45p.m

Collection - The children may make their own way to meet their parents/ guardian/minders at the end of the lane or they may continue to be collected from outside their classroom.

In May of each year the parents of 1st class host a ‘tea reception’ in the school after the Holy Communion Mass for the children and parents from 2nd class making their Holy Communion.

2nd Class
Day - 9.05a.m - 14.45p.m

Pupils make their Holy Communion in 2nd class in May. An information evening is organised in the first term . The Enrolment Ceremony is approx mid-end November. First Confession is approximately mid March.

3rd Class
Day - 9.05a.m - 14.45p.m

4th Class
Day - 9.05a.m - 14.45p.m

Pupils can join the school choir in 4th class. The school choir sings at the 10.45a.m mass every Sunday every second month.

The children make individual bonnets and hold an Easter Bonnet Fashion Parade.

5th Class
Day - 9.05a.m – 14.45p.m

In February/March of each year the parents of 5th class host a ‘tea reception’ in the school after the Confirmation Mass for the children and parents of 6th class making their Confirmation.

6th Class
Day - 9.05a.m - 14.45p.m

Pupils make their Confirmation in 6th class in February/March/April.

6th class are encouraged to take positions of responsibility, for example: assisting the teachers during break-time cover, helping in the school fair, saying Angelus on school intercom etc.

6th class participate in the Passion Play, Station of the Cross on Good Friday. They also perform an End of Year Musical.

Recommended Reading Lists
The school provides a recommended reading list for all classes.