Voluntary Contribution

In 2004 a Voluntary Contribution was implemented in the school - following a successful confidential mandate from the majority of parents of Loreto Primary School. The Voluntary Contribution has enabled the school to upgrade a number of facilities for the children including renovating a derelict field in the school into a wonderful recreational field and nature area.

Initially the Board had planned for a 7 year Voluntary Contribution scheme but unfortunately, the current economic climate has put huge pressure on education funding.  Running costs for the school continue to increase or, at best, remain at the same level, while funding has dropped below one euro per day per pupil.  The Board of Management have reluctantly concluded that it will not be possible to maintain current standards without a continuation of the Voluntary Contribution Scheme.

The suggested contribution will be €100 per family, with options to pay by monthly instalment by Standing Order through your bank. This is only a suggestion and any contribution, at any level, will be gratefully received.

  • As it the school tradition:
  • All handling of contributions will be handled off-site
  • At no stage will your child be asked or approached about this Voluntary Contribution
  • Receipts will be issued directly by post to each parent every January or as requested
  • You can pay by monthly Standing Order if you so wish. Please contact the office for a banking form or download from the website.
  • Your financial commitment will be treated confidentially and no other parent will know what what you have contributed.
  • The school Voluntary Contribution scheme has a charitable status
  • A letter will be sent out to parents every October

We thank every parents who supports the scheme and the school - without this support the school could not upgrade the facilities for the children.