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Family Internet & Smart Device Contract

Internet and Smart Device Guideline for Parents and Students

Introductory Statement

The following guideline has been drawn up following consultation with the parents’ associations in both St. Mary’s B.N.S. and Loreto Primary School. We recognise that families differ in many regards and intend this document to be used as a guideline to accommodate the individuality of each child and family.

Please strike through any items you will not implement with your child and create a contract that works for your family.


Provide a guide for pupils and parents on how to help foster a sense of responsibility and self-discipline when using the Internet and Smart devices. In line with the school’s Code of Behaviour “pupils are expected to treat all adults and children with respect and courtesy at all times” this should also include when using the Internet or online applications.


This applies to all use of the Internet, online applications and all smart electronic devices that may facilitate such access including but not limited to mobile phones, games consoles, computers, smart TV, laptops.


·        Families should sit down together at an agreed frequency (perhaps annually) and complete / update the “Family Internet and Smart Device Contract” below

·        Be familiar with what has been agreed, support and review its implementation

As part of your discussion, families may wish to work out how frequently they need to meet to review and refamiliarise themselves with the document.  Some families may need to revisit this document more frequently to ensure that everyone is aware of the guidelines that were agreed upon together.

Family Internet and Smart Device Contract

As a child / pupil I shall

·        Be a good Digital Citizen/online user

o   I will be polite and have good manners showing respect for all whilst online, not doing anything that could hurt or anger other people or that is against the law.

o   When talking with someone I will not look at my device.

o   I will never give out information such as my home address, telephone number, my parents’ work address or telephone number, credit card numbers, or the name and location of my school without my parents’ permission. (Protecting personal information)

o   I will never post anything that will upset or hurt people’s feelings.  I will stop and think before I share photos or videos online and consider how it might make people feel (Respecting the privacy of others)

o   I will never do anything on the Internet that costs money without my parents’ permission.

o   I will use screen time for education purposes in a way which promotes learning and creativity and talking with my friends and family.

§  By playing apps that teach me about something useful or allow me to be creative

§  By playing games or watch programmes together with a friend/parent/guardian

§  By video chatting with my parents’ permission to my friends or relatives online 

§  By watching programmes appropriate for my age (vetted by a trusted source such as )


·        Respect online safety principles

o   I will talk with my parent/guardian to learn the rules for Internet use, which includes where I can go, what I can do online

o   I will allow my parent(s) support me by keeping an eye on what I am doing online and by agreeing to talk to them about anything that I see, or am asked to do, that makes me feel upset or uncomfortable, this includes e-mail messages, content on web sites, or anything from friends online.

o   I will not accept friend requests from anyone I don’t know, not chatting or virtually gaming with someone I don’t know without a parent’s permission.

o   I shall never agree to meet anyone in person that I have met online, without my parents’ permission I will tell my parents if someone has asked to meet me and keep it secret.

o   I shall never send pictures of myself or other family members to other people through the Internet without my parents’ permission.

o   I will never give out my Internet passwords to anyone (even my best friends) other than my parents. I shall never download, install, or copy anything without permission from my parents.




·        Balance any online time I have with my offline time by

o   Ensuring moderate and appropriate time online and sticking to agreed time limits for playing games/being online.  This will allow more time for

§  Being with friends, playing outside, sleeping, reading,

team sports, _________________________________________________

o   Having lots of time talking and interacting with family and friends


·        Respect screen free areas by

o   Only being online in locations/areas approved by my parents


·        Keep the following times free from smart devices / screen use

o   While doing homework, mealtimes, at school, crossing the road, whilst on the stairs

o   Other screen free times (to be agreed by each family) _________________________________________________


·        Protect my Wellbeing

o   I will get enough exercise every day (at least _____ hour(s) per day)

o   I shall get enough sleep by not being online and turning off mobile devices, games, TV or online applications at least one hour before bedtime

o   I will be online for no more than _____ amount of time in a day


As a parent:

I will show good example in how I use devices

·        I will be polite and have good manners showing respect for all whilst online, not doing anything that could hurt or anger other people or that is against the law.

·        When talking with someone I will not look at my device.

·        I will spend time with my child getting familiar with the app and games that they are using

·        I shall support my child in using electronic devices, the Internet and online applications in a safe manner

·        I will stay calm, listen and try not to over-react if my child talks to me about something negative that has happened online. I will take advice or appropriate action if I feel that my child or another is at risk. If in doubt consider how you would respond or feel if the same situation were happening offline. If cyber bullying is involved I shall raise this in line with the school’s anti-bullying policy.

·        I will investigate and set parental controls to the best of my ability (settings that restrict or monitor online content/functionality) and I will review these periodically with my child.

·        I will research safety on new apps that my child wants to use. If I agree that it is okay for them to use an app, we will agree rules and figure out how to apply privacy settings. I will also apply these on my own accounts.

·        I will discuss with my child how I use similar privacy settings to restrict applications I use online

·        I will think before I share my child’s photos online and will ensure that I am only sharing with real-life friends and family



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