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Friday, 06 December 2019 09:45

Christmas plays

We are all very exciting in the Junior end of the school as we will be on stage next week. 1st class - Wed 11th at 2pm, Senior Infants Thursday at 1pm  Junior Infants Friday and 2nd Class Tuesday 17th

Thursday, 24 October 2019 10:44

Club Sult & Irish Dancing

There is no Club Sult today and there is no Irish Dancing tomorow 

Monday, 21 October 2019 15:38

No Uniform Day Friday 25th Oct

Past pupils of Loreto Grange Road will be going to Africa with Aid Link in 2020

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 09:36

European Week of Sports

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 09:17

Harvest Festival

3rd Classes at Harvest Festival Prayer Service in Parish Church 

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 16:06

Sponsored Walk

The sponsored walk was a great success.  The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere in Marley Park

Monday, 01 July 2019 15:17

School Closures 2019-2020

School closures for school year 2019-20

School opens Thursday 29th August 2019


SEPTEMBER: Tuesday 24th Language Curriculum In-Service for Teachers – No school for girls

October Mid Term: 28th Oct. – 1st November. (Normal finishing times on Friday 25th)

Christmas Holidays:      School closes Fri 20th Dec at 12.30pm

School re-opens Monday 6th January 20


February Mid term: Monday 17th Feb – Fri 21st Feb.  (Normal finishing times on Fri., 14th).

MARCH: Monday and Tuesday 16th and 17th- St. Patrick’s Bank holiday.

EASTER:                                 School closes Friday 3rd April at 12.30pm and

School re-opens Monday 20th April.

MAY:   Monday, 4th May Bank holiday

JUNE: Monday 1st Bank holiday

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: School closes Friday 26th June 2020 at 12.30pm

Monday, 01 July 2019 15:14

Booklists 2019-2020

SENIOR INFANT BOOK LIST 2019-2020 Teacher –  Mrs. Moynihan & Mrs. McGinn

To purchase:

               RELIGION:                          Grow In Love Senior Infants (Veritas)


ENGLISH:                           Jolly Phonics Pupil book 1 Colour Edition (Pre-cursive NOT print version)

Away with Words (Brown book) (CJ Fallon)

Ready Steady Write B Pre-cursive (Folens)

MATHS:                              Busy At Maths Senior Infants (CJ Fallon)

SESE:                                   What A Wonderful World (CJFallon)

SENIOR INFANT BOOK LIST 2019-2020 Teacher –  Ms. McCrann

To purchase:

               RELIGION:                          Grow In Love Senior Infants (Veritas)


               ENGLISH:                            Ready Steady Write B Pre-cursive (Folens)

MATHS:                              Busy At Maths Senior Infants (CJ Fallon)

FIRST CLASS 2019-2020


To Purchase:


               ENGLISH:                                          Starlight 1st Class Skills Book (Folens)      


               MATHEMATICS:                              Busy at Maths 1 (CJ Fallon)

                                                                          Operation Maths 1st Class At Home Book (Edco)                                                                                          Fallon’s Table Book (CJ Fallon)


RELIGION:                                         Grow in Love First Class (Veritas)


SESE:                                                Folens Explorers SESE 1st Class (Folens)





SECOND CLASS 2019-2020 


To Purchase


GAEILGE:                                        Bua na Cainte 2


ENGLISH:                                          Over the Moon Skills Book 2nd Class Gill

                                                            Children’s Dictionary - Oxford

MATHEMATICS:                              Busy at Maths 2 (C.J. Fallon)

                                                            Busy at Maths 2 Assessment Booklet (C.J. Fallon)

                                                            Maths Mate Skills Book 2 (Ed. Co.)

                                                            Fallons Table Book  (bring from 1st  Class)


RELIGION:                                       Grow in Love 2nd Class (Veritas)

THIRD CLASS 2019-2020


To Purchase

ENGLISH:                                          Exploring Spelling 3rd class (Edco)

                                                          Just Handwriting Cursive 3rd class (educate.ie)

                                                          New Wave English in Practice 3rd class (Prim-Ed)

Oxford Childrens English Dictionary (from previous year)

MATHEMATICS:                              Busy At Maths Book 3 (CJ Fallon)

                                                            Busy At Maths Shadow Book 3(CJ Fallon)

                                                            Table Book (from previous year)

IRISH:                                                  Litrigh É Linn 3 (Edco)

                                                            Collins Easy Learning Irish Dictionary

Copies: 10 x 88 page writing copies                        extras: twistables & markers       

               1 Maths copy                                                  Long ruler

               10 Copy Covers                                               2X Plastic pocket folders 40 pages (or more)              

4 red pens                                                        2 pritt sticks, safe scissors

Book bag from 2nd class                                1 Scrap book

All the above to be labelled

FOURTH CLASS 2019-20 Book List

To Purchase

Mathematics       Busy at Maths 4 (CJ Fallon)

                              Busy at Maths Shadow Book 4 (CJ Fallon)

New Wave Mental Maths 4th class (Prim-Ed)

Table Book (retain from 3rd class)

                              Basic calculator and Protractor

Gaeilge:                Collins Easy Learning Irish Dictionary (retain from 3rd class)

                              Litrigh é Linn 4  (Edco)

English:                 Exploring Spelling 4th Class (Edco)

                              New Wave English 4th (Prim-Ed)

English Dictionary (retain from 3rd Class) if buying new: Collins Pocket English (colour)/Electronic Collins English Dictionary (Franklin)

Copies:                 10 x 88 page writing copies                                

                              2 x 88 page maths copy books

                              10 copy covers


Extras:                 3 poly pocket folders, Markers, eraser, pencils, sharpener,   30cm ruler,

Child’s scissors, 2 Pritt Sticks , l Blue Berol Handwriting pen, red biro

Book Bag – retain from 3rd class

Fifth Class Book 2019-2020


To Purchase

Gaeilge                       Litrigh é Linn 5 (Edco)

Irish Dictionary Collins Irish Dictionary - if buying new

ENGLISH:                           Exploring Spelling 5th Class (Edco)

                                             New Wave English in Practice 5th class (Prim-Ed)

English Dictionary : if buying new:

Collins Pocket English (Colour)/Electronic Collins English Dictionary (Franklin)

MATHS:                              New Wave Mental Maths – 5th Class (Prim-Ed)

                                             Busy At Maths 5 Shadow Book ( CJ Fallon)

                                             Mathematical Set & Calculator

Stationery:                        1 A3 mesh zip folder                                     1 Concertina Folder

Colouring pencils, Markers,

2 Red, 2 Blue and 2 Black pens;                  Long ruler, Small scissor 

Large Pritt stick x 2                                        Pencils, Eraser, Sharpeners 

SIXTH CLASS 2019-2020


To Purchase

GAEILGE:                          Irish English/English Irish Dictionary (Foclóir ÓSiochfhradha)

                                             (from 5th Class)

ENGLISH:                           Exploring Spelling 6 (Edco)

                                             New Wave English in Practise 6th Class (Prim Ed)

                                             Dictionary/Thesarus (retain from 5th Class)


MATHS:                              New Wave Mental Maths

                                             Mathematical  set

SUNDRIES:                         Scissors/Ruler/ Pencil/Rubber/ Markers/Coloured pencils

                                             Pens: red & blue/Yellow Highlighter

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 14:16

Cross Country Race Final

Congratulations to all who took part i the Cross Country Race Finals in Corkagh Park on Thursday 16th May. Once again Loreto won the cup!

Friday, 12 April 2019 08:54

Easter Egg Hunt

The girls had great fun at the Easter Egg hunt 

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