Homework Policy

Homework shall be looked on as a reinforcement or continuation of work done during the school day. Consideration will be given to the different abilities of children in the class. In general, a fixed time that pupils should spend on their work will be given, rather than lists of work.  Parents will be encouraged at all times to play an active part in their children’s homework by providing the correct environment for work and by checking that the work is done.

Pupils receive homework Monday to Thursday inclusive. Sometimes a teacher may give no homework as a special treat. This will be done at the teacher’s discretion.

The following is a rough guide of the amount of time pupils should be spending on homework.

Junior / Senior Infants - 10 minutes informal reading and conversation with parents

Rang 1 - 20 minutes

Rang 2 - 20-30 minutes

Rang 3 - 30-40 minutes

Rang 4 - 50 minutes

Rang 5 - 50 minutes – 1 hour

Rang 6 - 1 hour

Within any class, there can be a wide variation in the amount of time pupils take to complete homework assignments. However, the rough guideline above gives an indication as to the recommended duration.

If your child fails to complete the homework assignments within the recommended time span, parents are advised to stop their child.

Homework should be completed in an atmosphere free from distractions and pupils are encouraged to work independently on their homework as far as possible.